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Suite Floor Available Sq. Ft. Divisible Quoted Rent NNN Date Available Space Type Floor Plan
1050 10 5,156 No $20.00/RSF Now Traditional
1130 11 4,240 No $20.00/RSF Now Traditional
1150 11 4,915 No $20.00/RSF Now Traditional
1220 12 1,921 No $20.00/RSF Now Traditional
1250 12 6,381 No $20.00/RSF Now Traditional
1300 13 9,876 No $20.00/RSF Now Traditional
1425 14 4,361 No $20.00/RSF Now Traditional
1600 16 25,278 No $20.00/RSF Now Traditional
1700 17 25,290 No $20.00/RSF Now Traditional
2100 21 14,525 No $20.00/RSF Now Traditional
2150 21 4,391 No $20.00/RSF Now Traditional
2390 23 7,135 No $20.00/RSF Now Traditional
2500 25 25,738 No $20.00/RSF Now Traditional
2700 27 25,738 No $20.00/RSF Now Traditional
2800 28 25,738 No $20.00/RSF Now Traditional
2900 29 25,738 No $20.00/RSF Now Traditional
3150 31 9,850 No $20.00/RSF Now Traditional
3250 32 7,345 No $20.00/RSF 06/01/2020 Traditional
3300 33 14,427 No $20.00/RSF Now Traditional

Campus Map


    METRO, Fort Bend Express and the Woodlands Express drop off and pick up at the Transportation Center.
    METRO Q-cards, and pre-paid passes for Fort Bend and Woodlands Express can be purchased at the Transportation Center Kiosk located by the 4 Greenway Plaza escalators in the HUB.
    Airport Shuttle services (provided by Super Shuttle) can be arranged at the Transportation Center Kiosk or visit supershuttle.com.
    Various buses and shuttles drop off/pick up in front of the Transportation Center Monday- Friday from 6:00am to 9:00am and 3:00pm to 7:00pm


    METRO has 3 bus lines with drop off/pick up point locations on Richmond Ave and Buffalo Speedway.
    25 Richmond/Northline: Alief Park & Ride along Richmond to downtown.
    73 Bellfort Crosstown: Hobby Airport, through Med Center and Rice Village along Buffalo Speedway and Richmond to Galleria then back to Hobby.
    84 Buffalo Speedway: Loops around several stops by NRG Center to the Medical Center past Rice University & Village to GWP.


    (all stop at Transportation Center)
    283 Kuykendahl – Greenway/Uptown
    Operated by METRO. Visit ridemetro.com.
    Fort Bend Express
    Operated by TREK. Visit trekhouston.org.
    Woodlands Express
    Operated by Woodlands Township
    Visit Park & Ride at thewoodlandstownship-tx.gov


Thank you for your interest in Greenway Plaza. Please contact Leasing via email at leasing@pky.com or by phone at 832-308-6055 for any additional information you might like about your selection(s).
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